Are You Fully Engaged?

A friend told me about a type of bicycle where your feet are actually strapped to the pedals while riding. She told me about the times she fell down and about the bumps and bruises she received from trying to master the pedal straps. After I got done having a panic attack thinking about such a thing I did a little research on my own on why a person would want to experience such a thing.

Interestingly I discovered the following:

1. The pedals allow you to pull up as well as down, increasing the efficiency of your pedaling. This is something that you need to work at to get full effect from, as it is not a natural motion to most people. In Cadel Evans’ (professional road racing cyclist) book “Close to Flying” he discusses a bike he uses for training that has a “freewheel” mechanism for the cranks which forces you to practice lifting the pedals as well as pushing them.

2. It positions the pedal under the ball of the foot giving you better leverage. While you don’t need straps to do this, it does help keep your foot in the right place.

3. It helps to stop your feet coming off in rough ground while mountain biking.

4. It gives you more control over the rear of the bike allowing you to lift and shift the rear more easily. This makes it easier to bunny hop, and helps with controlling the bike on rough ground.

It made me think of the parallel in business and in life. Becoming successful doesn’t typically happen the first time you try. And even if it does it takes lots of practice and bumps and bruises to continue being successful and mastering leadership. Once you commit to increasing your efficiency, positioning yourself correctly, and learning how to maintain more control on the “rough ground” you will begin to be a true leader – not only to others but also to yourself. It takes practice and dedication. It takes falling down and then getting back up again.

Become fully engaged today. You will never know how far you can go until you begin pedaling.

Commit. Fall down. Recommit and then keep going.

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