Are You Settling For Less?

At the self-check aisle at the grocery store, I scanned my item and a lesser price came up than I had anticipated. I assumed it was on sale, placed it in my bag, and happily went on my way. However, if the item had scanned at a higher price I would have questioned it and probably not have purchased it.

I began to ponder about how we often accept less in life and never question it. Getting a lower price on an item is fun but getting less in life is not fun and is often debilitating. When we refuse to hold ourselves to a higher standard and continuously accept less than our best, we live a life that is filled with stress, frustration, and constant anxiety. A higher standard is different for everyone. Holding yourself to a higher standard is not comparing yourself with someone else. Constantly comparing yourself to other people or situations will only cause more stress and frustration.

When you begin to feel defeated keep in mind the following:

  • Do YOUR best. Today.
  • Decide that you deserve to feel empowered and engaged.
  • Determine to not react to situations and people around you which only causes stress and feeling powerless.
  • Focus on living in this moment. Be mindful of the present.
  • Take 2 minutes (literally!) to stop and relax your shoulders and breathe.

Remember that life is a journey. If you want to stop settling for less and take your life to the next level, it begins with one small step at a time. Embrace today. Embrace the process. You will be pleasantly surprised how much more you will receive.

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