Dear Stress:

It’s time to have that talk you have been dreading. You’ve had a long relationship. You used to get a buzz from this relationship but now it makes you anxious and weary. You’ve finally had enough. 
It’s time to end your relationship with stress.
Stress will always be part of your life. However, you no longer have to let it have control over you. That’s right…you are the only one who allows stress to control you.
You see, when you constantly react to every circumstance that comes into your life, you are giving away your power and causing yourself more and more stress. Only when you plug back into your life will you ever be able to live the life you were meant to live. 
The next time you encounter a stressful situation, stop for one moment and take a deep breath. It’s taking this pause that signals to your brain that in this moment, you do not have to fall prey to what is happening around you. This is a process – it does not happen overnight. It takes time and practice but soon you will start to feel whole again.
You can do this. You are powerful and you deserve better.


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