To Whom Will You Listen?

Why is it that you can hear 100 times how wonderful, filled with promise, and talented you are yet one negative comment can so easily make you doubt yourself?

When you choose to believe the lie that you are not good enough or will never succeed you only stay stuck. You feel stagnant which, in turn, causes anxiety and stress. Believing the truth requires change and moving out of your comfort zone. Believing a lie is really much easier because you convince yourself that you really must not be able to succeed or that you are not good enough. It validates your every insecurity.

Choose today to whom you will listen. If you want to stay stuck in your life unable to succeed then stop believing the lies – both from outside sources as well as negative self-talk. Believe the truth that you are powerful, filled with potential, and able to succeed. Set into motion your plans, learn and practice new behaviors, be persistent, and you will soon make your dreams become a reality.

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What Is Your Vision?

Years ago my history teacher told our class a phrase which has always stuck with me: Everything rises and falls on leadership.

As the years passed and I observed business, political, and everyday life events, I believe more than ever this statement to be true.

People want to be led. Let me clarify: they do not want to be bossed. No one wants to be bossed. Bossing is selfish, blames, fosters fear, and is a user. A true leader gives, inspires a team atmosphere, asks questions, and values those around them. Effective leadership requires dedication and a willingness to be genuine, vulnerable, and enthusiastic. A leader isn’t just someone “in charge” or in a management position.

Proverbs 29:18 states “Where there is no vision the people perish”. This is true in both life and in business. If you have no direction and no purpose very little will be accomplished. Not only that but not having a vision causes a feeling a powerlessness which leads to stress and feeling defeated day after day.

It is imperative to first be a leader to yourself and then you will be able to lead others. Launch your vision today. Start with something small and attainable like a short walk, finishing a book you’ve been reading, or writing an entry in a journal. Accomplishing simple things are the gateway to accomplishing bigger things.

Success begets success and once you become invested in your vision you will engage and help guide those around you.


Are You Forgetting or Remembering?

Forget that you may not have had the “perfect” childhood. Forget that you didn’t take all the opportunities that were presented to you. Forget that life perhaps has not turned out the way you had intended. Forget that you wish you would have made different choices.

What you must remember is that there is absolutely nothing you can do to change yesterday. Remember that today is always fresh with no mistakes in it. Remember that you are loved. Remember that you have a choice today. You can choose to stay stuck in your destructive thinking or can choose to be thankful. Remember that you can grow and learn in this moment.

Being forgetful of certain things can be difficult. But taking time to remember the truth is where you will begin to truly thrive.

Are You Properly Weighted?

The pendulum kept stopping on my wall clock. I thought maybe I wound it too tight or didn’t wind it enough or often enough. After reading online about what makes a clock run properly I found that I had to adjust the weight on the pendulum. Being balanced is what makes a clock run and keep perfect time.

We humans also need to be “balanced” in order to run properly. Being balanced is a process and a daily journey – not a one-time event. I had to keep tweaking the weight on my clock in order to get it to keep running.

As we begin this new year we make resolutions and goals, but people often set themselves up for defeat as they have no plan or try to change too many things at once or too quickly. Change and achieving balance take time. Tweak just one part of your life today – give thanks for just ONE thing, determine to say ONE kind word to someone, write down ONE thing you hope to accomplish in 2014. Being balanced is about tweaking just one small thing at a time. We will never be perfect and to constantly strive for perfection is pointless. Strive instead for balance. Strive for a steady “tick-tocking” along in life and you will soon find that success begets success and you find yourself feeling balanced and ready for whatever life may bring your way!

2013 in review

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What Are You Waiting For?

It’s seems absurd to me when people say they are waiting for something good or successful to happen in their life when they are doing absolutely nothing to help make it happen. I know this because I used to have that mentality. I’m sorry to say that for a time in my life I lived in a way where I hoped someone would just walk up to me and offer me the perfect, successful career and/or life for which I longed.

As I began to study the lives of successful people I soon learned that nothing could be further from the truth. It would be the same as expecting someone to just show up and fill your car tank with gas and change your oil every 3,000 miles – all while you sit back and watch. Truly successful people live each day with purpose. They don’t sit idly as life passes by.

Anything worth having doesn’t happen by accident. It takes planning, decisions, and hard work. Even if you’re not exactly sure where you are headed at least do something. Start by working on yourself and practicing ways to be thankful, healthy, and thinking on the right things. You only need to do a little each day and the bigger picture will soon become more clear. Every single great success begins with a mere thought. Think about it and then put action behind it.

Life is too short to just keep waiting. Make your life happen today.


What Is Your Perception?

Perception is a funny thing. People tend to perceive other people’s lives as blissfully happy, free of problems, and sailing along effortlessly in the sea of life.

What people don’t see is that those who are genuinely happy, peaceful, successful, and filled with love have worked at it each day and made a conscious effort to achieve those things. They don’t see all the times those people were discouraged or ready to give up yet chose instead to persevere, chose to be thankful, and chose to make better choices.

No one is perfect. No one will ever be perfect. Stop comparing yourself to other people and instead choose to hold yourself to a higher standard – even in just one small way each day. Choose to be thankful today. Choose to focus on the present and choose to make decisions that will help you succeed.


Talk Actually Costs A Lot

I sometimes think the saying should be “talk is easy” instead of “talk is cheap”. It is easy for people to merely SAY anything. Facebook is filled with words stating intentions (diet, resolutions, etc). A new relationship is filled with promises and plenty of words of love and devotion. Starting a new job or venture brings about many lofty words of accomplishments and more promises.

It’s great to have plans and goals but people talk way too much. However, when things don’t work out or go as planned they are suddenly left with nothing but empty words which can often hurt those around them. Be very careful with your words – they can lead to great things or cause great damage.

Talking is the easy part. Back up those words with action and dedication and in the end you will have something that is anything but cheap.


Are You Smelling the Roses?

I was speaking with a woman the other day who in a few sentences proclaimed her plans for her life for the next 15 years. She is currently attending school to become a midwife and her children are 6 and 8. She was telling me how eager she is to be done with school, work as a midwife for 15 years, and then retire so she can spend her days gardening. While it is great and necessary to have plans it was obvious she is spending all of her energy living in the future thereby missing out on today.

Living in the present is difficult at times especially if you are not happy with your present life. There is the tendency to dwell on the past or try to fast-forward to the future. Life holds no guarantees. We are not promised a tomorrow. What you do have this moment and once you determine to savor each moment, make the right choices in this moment, and stay focused on the present your life will drastically change for the better.

Constantly living in the past or in the future only leads to stress and unfulfillment. Taking time to stop and smell the proverbial roses will be just one small step in achieving balance and a sense of calm in your life. Take time to do it NOW.


Do You Have A Gratitude Attitude?

Being thankful is one of the surest ways to reduce stress and develop balance in your everyday life. One of the common threads I’ve noticed among successful people is their attitude of thankfulness. No matter what a person may be experiencing there is always something for which to be thankful.

Having a thankful heart helps you focus on what you have instead of dwelling on what you do not have. It is an exercise of focusing on the present – what you are or what you possess in that moment – and it is very powerful for changing your outlook.

When you start to feel overwhelmed in your life or feel yourself becoming envious, become thankful instead. Be thankful for what you have in the moment and you will be pleased with the level of calm you will soon achieve.

Catch the gratitude attitude and then pass it on!